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[$800] #291 | Dynamic Factory Sales System
Price: $800

Description: Currently, when you close a factory in the game, the factory is sold at a fraction of what you paid to build it. This bounty would enhance that system to allow you to sell your factory to other companies.

When you attempt to close a factory, the game will give you an option to put the factory up on the market. You'll then receive offers to buy the factory the following turn.

This bounty will also change the "Close" system. Closing a factory will now cost money, but you'll be able to restore the factory. Factory restoration also costs money, but often it will be cheaper than rebuilding. The restoration costs will increase the longer the factory is closed since you are no longer maintaining it.

Finally, you'll also be able to buy factories from other companies. The prompt to purchase a factory will be in the form of an action memo.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Balancing the numbers will be difficult. We still want to cause users pain by having too many factories. Being able to sell them doesn't let us inflict that pain.

Likewise, being able to close a factory without selling and then allowing them to restore will hurt the pain we inflict after major economic upheaval events.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty would make the factory real estate system much more realistic. And adding realism to the game is always a high priority.

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