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[$0] #286 | Large Vehicle Chassis Components
Price: Free with funding of Large Vehicle Artwork

Description: The majority of large commercial vehicles use a ladder or tubular chassis designs. The technologies for these are already in the game, but they don't scale well to the sizes we'll need for Semi-trucks, busses, etc.

This bounty will likely add separate component entries for large vehicles, allowing you to create proper spec designs for these vehicle types. I'll also research and see if any specific suspension or chassis components used in large commercial applications is not already in the game.

There are already a few different drive train position we will need to implement:
Full Forward
Semi Forward
Engine in Cab
Engine In Front
And Engine at Center

Requirements: Any large vehicle body artwork bounty.

Required By: None

Concerns: This bounty is a money loser for me. But it is needed to spec out large vehicle designs properly.

We need to pair this bounty with large vehicle artwork, so it is free with the funding of a large body bounty.

Eric's Opinion: We'll require this bounty for the large vehicles. It's a loss leader for me, but it must be done.

Links:  It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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