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[$400] #283 | Dynamic War Variable
Price: $400

Description: In Classic GearCity, wars have 3 different variables. 1 Means at peace, 0 means limited conflict, -1 means full war, and -2 means total war. The variable affects production and sales. The game reduces sales by 50% during limited conflicts, cuts production, and sales during full war and total war, and the game can destroy factories while in total war.

This bounty adds decimal values between these integers. For example, 0.5 might mean a 25% reduction in sales and production. A value of -1.5 may still have a chance of factory destruction, but less.

While this provides little benefit to city-based maps, for territory-based maps, it would mean not shutting down an entire region over a minor war that doesn't affect most countries there.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: In most cases, these variable differences probably won't be of use. Most wars big enough in the game to affect companies are full or total wars.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty gives me a little more control over the effects wars have on players. It's very helpful for territory maps, but not so much on city maps.

Other than territory maps, the only other use I see for it is on random history mode.

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