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[$150] #271 | Lower V-Max
Price: $150

Description: Terminal velocity in the game is a little too high in the lower cd range. In the game, the terminal velocity is the upper bounds any vehicle can hit for top speed. This bounty will tweak the terminal velocity formulas to reduce the numbers since no design will ever be able to be a perfect streamline. We'll also work on the top speed formulas to increase the difficulty in hitting the terminal velocity. One example is to make some adjustments to the expoential HP requirements as speed increases. But there are several other things we can address, especially with gearboxes.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: The game will never be able to do a perfect physics calculation for top speed as we don't have enough data points.

Eric's Opinion: The current system is close to accurate numbers in most cases. However at the very top end, it becomes a little too easy to hit mythical figures above 200MPH. Increasing the need for HP and tweaking the gear ratio's effect on top speed should make these numbers harder to hit. Additional bounties for tire sizes and more detailed gear ratios will only help create more realistic top end high speeds. But they are not requirements for these changes.

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