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[$1500] #266 | Network Vehicle Design Share
Price: $1500

Description: One of the downsides to the game's engine is that it's single-threaded. The game can not devote much time designing new vehicle designs because the game has to process everything sequentially when you end the turn. That means the player has a bit of an advantage with vehicle design.

This bounty would add a network sharing option to vehicle designs, similar to how Spore handles alien creatures.

The game would take the player's best design and submit them to our servers. Then, occasionally, the AI for other players' games will download predesigned vehicles for their use.

GearCity already implements something similar. The AI currently saves your most successful designs. It makes small modifications and then reuses them in your future save games. This bounty will add networking features to that functionality, thus allowing the AI can learn from many players instead of just you.

We will have an opt-out setting preventing your designs from being uploaded and the downloading of anyone else's designs.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: The hard part is having the game pick what designs are good for submission, which designs to use, and when to use them.

The submission code is easy. The download code will require adding more libraries to the game or a loopback from the web browser.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty expands on a rudimentary machine learning system I implemented in the game. The only problem with that system is the AI only learns from the individual player playing the game. By tapping into the several 10s of thousands of people that play the game, the AI can improve considerably faster. I can also run server programs to tweak the AI design even more as the game becomes more complex. This bounty won't remove the AI's ability to create unique designs, but it would supplement it.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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