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[$500] #263 | Emissions Testing For Market Entry | Requires #68
Price: $500

Description: Before selling a vehicle in certain markets, you hold and pay for engine emissions testing. This bounty will allow you to select the market standards you want to test against. You can sell any vehicle using an approved engine in an emissions-restricted market.

Before you finish development, the game will prompt you with the testing results. If you failed, you can spend some more development time and pay for retesting to improve your score and hopefully get approved.

The game will not allow you to sell vehicles using unapproved engines in markets with standards you haven't tested against.

Unlike the safety testing bounty, Emissions testing is not dynamic. You either meet the standards, or you don't.

Requirements: #68

Required By: None

Concerns: This bounty will add some more moving parts to a system that already has many moving parts. That will probably confuse some players even more. Of course, we could make this an optional feature.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty adds another layer of delays and costs to the design systems that real-life manufacturers have to handle. While the player knows ahead of time if a design will pass, if the player hasn't spent the money to test a design, they'll face both cost and time delays when trying to bring that design to new markets.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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