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[$500] #262 | Safety Testing For Market Entry | Requires #73
Price: $500

Description: Before selling a vehicle in certain markets, you hold and pay for crash testing. This bounty will allow you to select which market standards you want to test the vehicle with.

Before you finish development, the game will prompt you with the testing results. If you failed, you can spend some more development time and pay for retesting to improve your score and hopefully get approved.

The game will not allow you to sell a vehicle in markets that have those standards unless you get approved.

This bounty makes the minimum safety requirement scores dynamic. The game will still show you a minimum safety score, but the minimum requirements during testing will be a random +/- 5% of the shown score. That means you could design a vehicle with a safety score that meets the shown requirement but still fail the test because of... government. Make sure you lobby. Smile

Requirements: #73

Required By: None

Concerns: This bounty will add some more moving parts to a system that already has many moving parts. That will probably confuse some players even more. Of course, we could make this an optional feature.

Some min/max players will hate that they can design something above the shown minimal score but still fail the testing.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty adds an extra layer to the safety requirements system to make it even more realistic. Safety testing expense is the top reason the US doesn't get many of the cool cars from Europe and Asia... This brings that to the game.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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