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[$2000] #260 | Speed Regulation | Requires: #73
Price: $2000

Description: This bounty speed regulations to the game. Some governments do not allow some vehicles to travel faster than certain speeds to be classified as a vehicle type or sold in some countries.

This bounty will add a speed governor to vehicles exceeding the speed regulation requirements. That will improve the safety rating of those vehicles.

In some nations, faster vehicles will reduce sales in some demographics, where speed affects who can buy the vehicle. The inverse is true for vehicles under the speed requirement.

Requirements: #73

Required By: None

Concerns: Similar to the Age Regulations bounty, this bounty adds a lot of little detailed regulations and information to the game that will be hard for the player to parse through. Displaying this information to the player will be difficult, and its affect on sales minimal at best. In the best case, countries with these regulations will only mean that your vehicle gets a few extra safety points and a small cost increase.

Eric's Opinion: These regulations exist, but I am not sure if we should dip into this level of detail with the game. I believe the safety regulations more than cover what is needed. Implementation of this bounty will likely be messy.

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