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[$500] #253 | Vehicle Type Relations
Price: $500

Description: In the game, customers are interested in one type of vehicle. If they don't find a vehicle they like, they're repooled into other vehicle types.

This model is not entirely accurate. In real life, customers interested in a particular vehicle type will generally also be interested in several other similar types of vehicles. For example, someone interested in a sedan would also be interested in a compact and full-size sedan.

This bounty would create relationships between the vehicle types, allowing them to share a fraction of vehicle popularity. For example, if sedans' popularity increases, then luxury sedans will also become more popular. If luxury sedans become less popular, then sedans would also become a little less popular.

This bounty will also allow us to have other vehicle types inherit dead vehicle types. For example, cyclecars would eventually obsolete into runabouts. Then runabouts will obsolete phaetons, etc.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Displaying the relations between vehicle types might prove difficult. We might be able to do it via generating graphs or charts. This bounty will slow down turn time processing, but it also might aid in speeding things up if, in the future, we process related vehicles in single batches instead of individually.

Eric's Opinion: With over 200 additional body style bounties, we'll need to make the vehicle popularity system more interwoven and allow customers to cross-shop multiple body styles. This bounty is how we'll do that.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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