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[$3500] #1092 | Pickup Truck Styles: Full-sized Pickup Truck
Price: $3500

Description: A full-sized pickup truck is a truck that does not compromise on either cargo or interior. They come in a multitude of cabin and cargo configurations. Size-wise, they can support full-sized (8') beds and four-door cabins similar to a sedan.

Full-sized pickup trucks in the past were slightly smaller and were typically single cabs. However, as fuel regulations and consumer preferences pushed vehicle sizes larger in the US, manufacturers saw an opportunity to make full-sized trucks even larger and increase profit margins.

Full-Sized Pickup trucks are the best selling vehicles in US and Canada for the last 30 years. Their sales are virtually non-existent outside the two countries.

We'll create 15 Full-Sized Pickup Truck using the new Body Designer Mk 2 system.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!

Full-sized pickup trucks are the second-largest classification of trucks in the US, Class 2... - Wikipedia
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