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[$3500] #1091 | Pickup Truck Styles: Mid-sized Pickup Truck
Price: $3500

Description:  A midsized pickup truck is a truck that does not compromise on either cargo or interior space to an extreme. They're very capable of consumer requirements for a truck.

In the past, a midsized truck would be considered slightly smaller than a full-sized truck but larger and more capable than a compact truck. As fuel regulations and consumer preference pushed truck sizes to increase, what would have been considered a full-sized pickup truck in the past is considered a mid-sized pickup today. Most countries outside of North America would consider a midsized truck to be a full-sized.

We'll create 15 Midsized Pickup Truck using the new Body Designer Mk 2 system.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!

Midsized pickup trucks are the smallest classification of trucks in the US... - Wikipedia
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