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[$150,000] #251 | Full GUI Redesign | Requires: #136
Price: $150,000

Description: There are two bounty groups for GUI Redesign. One that does the redesign piecemeal so that it's easier to fund. Then there is this bounty, which funds the complete replacement of the GUI system in one bounty.

By doing it all at once, the bounty in total is $36,000 cheaper.

Funding this bounty obsoletes bounties #245-#250.

This bounty replaces the GUI library used in the game with the ImGUI. We'll also redesign and replace the UI functionality throughout the game.

The goal is to streamline the UX by using GUI widgets unavailable to us in the old UI system. We'll also update and modernize the UI theme.

We may contract additional help for UX and UI theming.

Requirements: #136

Required By: None

Concerns: Long-term players may not like the new UI designs. Although, some things (multi-column list boxes) should move us in a better direction.

This redesign is a very expensive and time-consuming bounty. It will likely cost me 1-2.5 years' worth of time. The FBS will likely be paused outside of artwork if funded.

Eric's Opinion: The biggest complaint about the game is the UI. This bounty should fix it.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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