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[$35,000] #245 | GUI Redesign: Phase #1 | Requires: #136
Price: $35,000

Description: There are two bounty groups for GUI Redesign. One that does it all in one bounty, and this group. In this group, we will break down GUI redesign into parts.

This is the first phase of the GUI redesign. In this bounty, we'll add ImGUI to the game. ImGUI will replace QuickGUI incrementally as each "room" gets funded. In phase number 1, we'll replace the UI in the Mega Menu, HQ Selection, and Stand-Alone vehicle designer "rooms."

Not only will we replace the GUI library, but we will streamline the UX, making use of GUI widgets unavailable to us in the old UI system. We'll also update and modernize the UI theme.

We may contract additional help for UX and UI theming.

Funding this bounty obsoletes bounty #251.

Requirements: #136

Required By: #246, #247, #248, #249, #250

Concerns: Running two UI libraries simultaneously could prove problematic as the functionality and aesthetics may not be the same. Also, there is a chance that running two UI libs simultaneously can cause bugs and other issues.

Long term players may not like the new UI designs. Although, some things (multi-column list boxes) should move us in a better direction.

Eric's Opinion: The biggest complaint about the game is the UI. This bounty is the first step in fixing that.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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