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[$3000] #234 | Online Design Database
Price: $3000

Description: Like the game Spore, this bounty would record player designs to an online database. Then when other players from around the world play the game, some of their AI companies will use the data in the database for their designs.

The game already does something similar. The game already records successful designs by the player, and then when the player plays a new game, the AI sometimes replicates those designs.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Since the AI would be copying successful player designs, there is a chance that the AI would trim spam like most players. That would bog downturn times.

There is a risk of players polluting the data, so we probably should only save successful game data and do some security checks to prevent folks from vandalizing the system.

Eric's Opinion: The game already does this bounty locally with the player's designs. This bounty would share that knowledge with all other player's game successions. Some AI companies will mimic a player's entire design sessions, whereas other AI might just take inspiration from other players' designs. Either way, this should improve the AI's design abilities. And when paired with some game performance improvements, it could make the AI very intelligent/difficult.

(Note to self, save -> php url variables -> XML. Download XML files. Include random session IDs.)

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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