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[$200] #227 | Autoproduction Report
Price: $200

Description: Some players frequently disable autoproduction to look at the factory lines and see what the Autoproduction system is doing. Sadly, they do not know that the game recalculates all production lines every time they enable autoproduction. Also, the game will artificially limit production based on slider positions to speed up the processing time.

In short, disabling autoproduction to see what the factories are doing gives you incorrect information. Reneabling autoproduction negates any information you did find out.

This bounty will add a report to the reports system when the player enables autoproduction. It will list each factory, the vehicles the factory is producing, and the slider positions AP is using.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: We won't need this report for the factory revision if the player uses that system.

This report could cause heavy turn time processing issues when enabled. We might need to make it a dynamically generated report that the player clicks when selecting viewing a factory instead.

Eric's Opinion: I don't see the need to inspect what AP does at a low level. We have documented its behavior in several places, and the information you need about capacity is in the Operations -> Factories report. Nonetheless, some people want it, so this is their chance to get it. I will do my best to mitigate any performance issues it could cause to turn time processing.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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