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[$800] #211 | Foreign Munitions Risk | Requires: #62, #153
Price: $800

Description: If the player decides to make munitions in a foreign country at war with their HQ nation, they risk their government nationalizing them.

Governments may also put pressure on the player's company through fines, decreased lobbying bonuses, or outright denying their operations in a country if the player works with an at war government that has unfriendly relations.

For example, if the player is an American company and they choose to produce munitions in Germany during WW2, the British government could fine or confiscate the player's factories. When America enters the war, if the player is still manufacturing munitions in Germany, they risk having their company taken over by the government or their factories confiscated by the Germans. 

Requirements: #62, #153

Required By: None

Concerns: We have to figure out how to notify the player of the risks.

Realistically, if you're HQ is in an adversarial nation at war, your factories would be confiscated anyway. It may be better to go down that route instead.

Some nations like the United States wouldn't nationalize you but fine you to death. We'd need data to store who has those tendencies more.

Eric's Opinion: There are a lot of moving parts in this bounty, but it interweaves a lot of the new features together in a way that makes a semi-exploitive feature (munitions production) riskier. 

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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