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[$50] #193 | Reduce Contract Profitability
Price: $50

Description:  The game scales price fixed contract offers based on difficulty. If you're playing the game on easy difficulty, the contract system pays out much more than on nightmare mode.

This has led to the contracting system being semi-exploitive. Players lean on military contracts like a crutch.

This bounty will reduce contract profitability. Instead of the game determining fixed-priced contracts payout prices by the number of units and the product specs, the game will look at any designs that could meet the requirements. It will take an average of their unit prices and then add a margin on top of that. We will determine the margin based on the difficulty level.

If no products can meet the requirements, the contract will switch to a bid price contract.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: This will break many players' playstyles, but it is probably needed to close up an exploit in the game.

There will probably be a lot more bid-style contracts, which some people might not like.

Eric's Opinion: I was reluctant to fix this, and the license/outsourcing exploit so close to release. So I believe the FBS is the time and place to fix these breakages in the game. This bounty has a significant discount in the hopes that it gets funded.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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