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[$500] #184 | Improved Recall System | Requires: #68, #73
Price: $500

Description: Currently, the recall system is a very basic random event. This bounty fleshes out the recall system. Since most recalls are safety or emissions related, this bounty will take advantage of those two systems.

Recalls events will be more likely in countries with high safety and emissions regulations. We'll keep track of vehicles sold in these nations and issue recalls based on vehicle quality and dependability ratings.

In short, recalls become significantly more frequent in nations with high safety and emissions standards. Quality and dependability ratings will factor more than they do now in the recall numbers and costs, but not all vehicles are immune.

Requirements: #68, #73

Required By: None

Concerns: Damage from ignoring problems might not be enough, so we will probably work in some additional fines from the government if caught ignoring a problem.

Eric's Opinion: If we implement this bounty well, it should help late-stage game difficulty. If the player's luck and poor quality management hit a Ford Pinto or Takata airbag level recall disaster, it could drastically alter their company's trajectory.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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