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[$5000] #178 | Player As Manager | Requires: #177
Price: $5000

Description: This bounty allows the player to become a manager at a company and work their way up.

As a manager, the game locks you out of all systems other than the ones associated with your job.

Your CEO will generate an action memo when you are assigned a task. You carry out that task to gain experience points. Experience points will make you more desirable for promotion or when applying to other companies.

Some jobs will not require any input from you, so you will simulate the turns until you get a better job offer or apply for a new job.

Requirements: #177, Auto-Design, Possibly more

Required By: None

Concerns: The major complexity point is keeping the locked game systems away from the player. We'll also need a way to prevent the player from doing actions that the CEO didn't ask them to do. Finally, we'll need stuff for the player to do (like action memo decision stuff.) Otherwise, this game mode will get boring, but players might enjoy working their way up the corporate ladder and landing in an underperforming company as their CEO.

Eric's Opinion: I fear that being a manager will not result in good gameplay. It's also technically complex to lock the player out of many game systems. But if we can do that, I can see some entertainment value in working your way up from a regional manager to a CEO of any company desperate to hire you.

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