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[$2000] #177 | Hirable Managers | Requires: #176
Price: $2000

Description: This bounty adds managers/personal to the game. You'll be able to hire vice presidents and regional managers for each department in the game. These managers give you bonuses for your operations. For example, an engineering VP might give you a -5% to development costs, and your manager for North American factories might give you a +3% boost in production per line.

These managers will shuffle through companies and might even end up as your competitor's CEOs.

Feature Bounty contributors will have the option to use their names as managers in the game.

Requirements: #176

Required By: #178

Concerns: We'll need to enter lots of data for the individual managers, keep track of what companies they work for, etc.

Eric's Opinion: I was never a fan of this level of detail in business games, but it is an often requested feature and could add another gameplay element to the game. It'll require a bit of data, especially to make sure names and regions work out properly. But it's not overly tedious compared to some stuff in the FBS. Adding contributors names's (opt in) will be a great benefit.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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