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[$1000] #176 | Change Companies | Requires: #175
Price: $1000

Description: Building on top of the Personal Wealth bounty, this feature would allow you to become the CEO of another company. You'll be able to apply for the CEO position at any company. The shareowners will vote to approve you as CEO. Any share you personally own will vote yes.

Requirements: #175

Required By: #177

Concerns: The game currently defines the player with an ID of 0. Unless we have done the changes for multiplayer, we'll have to convert the AI's IDs to 0 and the player's old company IDs to something else. If we miss something, it could lead to errors.

The former AI companies will not have as much historical data since we only store player data for some metrics.

Eric's Opinion: This feature was originally intended for the game but was cut around a year into development. Jumping around companies was not as common as in other industries, but it did occasionally happen with notable CEOs in the early years of the industry.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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