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[$500] #172 | Road Taxes | Requires: #61
Price: $500

Description: There is no replacement for displacement, including on your tax bill!

Ever wonder why European companies made small engines vehicles while their North American brethren produced massive V8s?

Displacement Taxes, Weight Taxes, Horsepower Taxes, oh my!

Many countries have different regulations that tax vehicles based on their specs.

While this bounty won't include every possible combination of road taxes for every county, it will add weight, displacement, and horsepower taxes to the game.

We will have a standardized horsepower tax based on the French Cheval Fiscal 1956 formula. And the weights and displacement taxes will be table-based instead of formulaic.

Each nation in the game can enable or disable its road taxes, and they can set its tax rates for each tax category. Nations will consider their industrial health, sales, lobbying, infrastructure, and emissions regulations before adjusting their taxes.

We will not be historically scripting this bounty, although it is a possibility in a future bounty, along with more nation-specific taxes.

We will triple the tax value and then applied to the sales price of the vehicle during the sales calculations.

Requirements: #61

Required By: None

Concerns: Displaying the tax information to the player is the most difficult task in this bounty. If we implement enough additional tax systems, we can probably add them to the proposed dynamically generated tax report accessed via the city information window. This is the greatest stepping stone to historical tax formulas and timelines.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty adds a feature to the game that was extremely important in the brass era and shaped the industry to the way it is today.

I have discounted this bounty in the hopes that it gets funded.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!

Road Taxes

Tax Horsepower

The Balance of International Payments of the United States (has many late 1920s vehicle registration taxes and laws.)
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