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[$600] #169 | Government Rebates | Requires: #68
Price: $600

Description: This bounty adds the possibility for government rebates to consumers for purchasing "Clean" technology vehicles. These rebates will increase purchasing rates of alternative low emissions vehicle types.

The system will use nations' emissions regulation data to determine which countries offer rebates. The game will also use the lobbying results of companies with many green vehicle designs to determine rebates.

Requirements: #68

Required By: None

Concerns: We will probably notify the player of rebates via the memo system and the newspaper. Some players won't find this enough.

We are not directly compensating players for making green cars. Your green vehicles will get a bonus to buyer rating and buyer pools. Some players might be confused by that.

Eric's Opinion: In recent years, governments have intervened in the market to incentive getting off fossil fuels. This bounty adds that to the game, as I believe it will likely become an even greater push in the future.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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