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[$1000] #168 | Fuel/Battery Range
Price: $1000

Description: This bounty adds a fuel tank and battery size sliders to the vehicle designer. It also adds a range spec.

For standard ICE vehicles, the fuel range will have a minimal impact on buyer rating. Some vehicle types might get a boost in buyer rating importance. (Think busses, semis, etc.)

Electric vehicles are where the range spec mainly comes into play. The buyer rating system for electric vehicles will factor in vehicle range considerably.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: For most engine designs in the game, fuel range is nothing more than supplemental information. It is only a factor for electric vehicles, but it is a good way to have realistic electrics early in the game but prevent their use because of range.

We must balance the weight gains for ICE with the buyer rating gains. We don't want players maxing or mining the fuel tank sizes to game the buyer rating system.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty is a must for EVs. For standard ICE, it might actually harm gameplay more if players always put the maximum or minimum size fuel tanks in their vehicles. So in that respect, this bounty will require some balancing acts.

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