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[$1000] #166 | Hybrids Sub-Component | Requires: #59
Price: $1000

Description: This bounty splits hybrid fuel type into its own sub-component. With this bounty, we can offer more hybrid solutions and allow you to choose a fuel type for the internal combustion engine.

The game currently implements a Mild Parallel Hybrid gasoline system. We will add Micro hybrids (Start Stop), Series hybrids (Extended Range Electric Vehicles), Power-split hybrids (Full hybrid), and Plug-in Hybrids.

Hybrid technologies have existed since the dawn of the automobile industry. We'll make the technology available in the early game years, but they will have low sub-component ratings.

Requirements:  #59

Required By: None

Concerns: Eventually, we'll have too many selections for sub-components. Shoehorning it into the selection UI will cause us to have to redesign the UI.

Eric's Opinion: Another minor flaw in the game's design. Over the last decade and a half, there has been a rise in many different hybrid systems. This bounty, paired with fuel regulations, greatly increases the importance of hybrids in the game.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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