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[$600] #151 | Move Input To SDL | Requires #96
Price: $600

Description: GearCity Classic uses OIS for mouse and keyboard input. Sadly, OIS was abandoned by its authors nearly a decade ago. There have been sporadic updates to the library since then, including a few custom tweaks by us to get it to work around some edge cases.

Operating systems are updating faster than I can make the game, and every now and then, more edge cases cause issues with the game. Most recently, peripherals plugged into a Mac will cause GearCity to crash on startup. Several Linux DEs had problems with mouse edges on full screen in the past. And who knows what kind of trouble is brewing at Microsoft.

This bounty moves mouse and keyboard input systems to SDL. At this point, SDL is already handling windowing in both Windows and Linux. So most of the work will be converting the existing OIS code to SDL code and fixing any issues that arise from such a move.

SDL is widely used in the industry and is updated frequently, so any future problems that come would be likely solved by library upgrades than me digging around low-level OS code.

Requirements: #96

Required By: #267, #280

Concerns: There will certainly be issues caused by removing a library we've used for the last 12 years and replacing it with something else entirely. There are almost guaranteed bugs and hack fixes.

Eric's Opinion: Unless you're a frequent player of X-Planes on macOS, the input/mouse system is likely out of sight and out of mind. But over time, there will certainly be more issues that arise out of using code written for Windows XP. It's only a matter of time before Microsoft, Apple, or Wayland breaks our legacy input/mouse system. When will that be? Windows 11? Windows 15? Windows 50? Who knows. I expect it will happen someday, though.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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