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[$3,000] #144 | Revised Wage, Morale, And Strikes
Price: $3,000

Description: The wage, morale, and strike system were some of the first parts of the game written outside of the world map. The system has not had a major revision since then. Instead, I have applied minor fixes as logical and mechanical issues crept up.

This bounty will remove the existing hiring and wage systems from the game. We will replace hiring with two sliders for each department. One slider is for staffing levels and the other for employee quality.

Employee quality will affect numerous things in the game that staffing levels already affect. I will tweak all formulas that use the existing staffing levels system to work better with the new system.

We will replace the wage entry system with a slider similar to the Auto-Wage margin for each department.

These changes should allow us to open the door to finer-grained control of staffing quality, levels, and wages in sub-departments in a future bounty.

We'll also make major adjustments to the morale system based on these new changes. Employee morale will better account for your company's performance, employee wages and pay, benefits, and economic conditions. 

Finally, the strike system will have a complete revision to work better with the revised Morale system and the new wage system. The main goal is to reduce massive company-wide strikes, prevent quick morale declines from 100 to striking levels, and make striking a little more transparent and easier to see them coming. With the revision to the wage system, we'll have no "stuck" striking incidences where employees constantly strike because of wage issues.

Requirements: None

Required By: #189

Concerns: Many users might not like the loss of controlling individual average wages for locations.

Morale drop decline will become more common than before but slower than previously. You'll have a hard time keeping employees at 100 morale, which might cause some issues among players who like everything perfect.

Morale will change more slowly in this system but more frequently. This might result in fewer strikes and will need balancing.

Eric's Opinion: For years, the wage and hiring systems were significantly lower quality than the rest of the game. We hid them as best we could with the Auto-hire and Auto-wage system. But this will be the proper fix. I think this bounty will eliminate the micromanagement of the old system and give the player more power over HR than the current auto tools.

The changes to morale and striking should make keeping your employees happy more important. But it also will make it more responsive to your actions in the game.

This bounty should better flesh out the neglected employee side. It will serve as a basis for additional employee-related bounties.

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