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[$400] #133 | Small Magazine Redesign
Price: $400

Description: The current full magazine is designed to look like a magazine, complete with page-flipping animation and all. It looks good on the correct resolution. The problem is that most players are not playing the game on the correct resolution. Any amount of GUI zoom causes the web browser to zoom in automatically. That, in turn, causes the horizontal scroll on anyone playing the game above 1050px height and below 2050px.

In addition to this, players playing less than 1050px height have a 1024x512px reports window. To prevent scrollbars within scroll bars, we force these users to use a reduced feature magazine called the small-window magazine.

This bounty redoes our small-window magazine system. It will make it better looking and include all the features from the main magazine. We'll automatically use this magazine layout for anyone who uses high GUI scaling and for players using small reports windows.

We may also make which magazine-style you use a toggleable option.

The goal is to make the pages look like pages, but unlike the full magazine-style, double-paned, nor will there be page-flipping.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: There is a chance that the style won't work, in which case, we'll make it look like a traditional car website. That might cause some complaints from users, but it should be better than what we have now.

Eric's Opinion: I think we need to do something to the small window magazine. As it is, it was a quick fix to a bug complaint. Functionality-wise, it's fine. But this bounty will make it better looking.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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