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[$500] #129 | Chassis Ratings Revision
Price: $500

Description: This bounty makes some revisions to the Chassis ratings and sliders. First, it removes the Performance rating and replaces it with a Handling rating. We'll also add a Safety rating and a Frame and Design focus slider for safety. The bounty also renames the "Stability" slider to "Steering Response" and "Performance" to "Handling."

Additional formula tweaks will occur with this bounty in both the chassis and car designers. These changes will take into account the changes made to the chassis sliders and ratings.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Balancing the effects of these ratings on vehicles might become too time-consuming for what I am charging.

Ideally, we fund this before we implement many new sub-components and after Remove Rating Limits bounty. But if not, this bounty will be a little more work.

Eric's Opinion: The stability slider has always bugged me. Also, performance isn't a good term for handling, and strength is important for trucks and safety? All of these are mistakes that I probably should have corrected earlier in development but never got around to touching. This bounty fixes that, and it better fleshes out chassis designing. On the downside, this bounty has a knockoff effect on vehicle design. It's almost double the work than just adding new ratings.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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