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[$500] #128 | Add More Map Data Points
Price: $500

Description: The maps in GearCity are derived from historical data. We use fixed points in history and interpolate between the years of the files. Often these interpolations go 20 to 30 years between files.

This bounty would add data for every decade for each map, increasing each map's City.xml files from 5-6 to 12.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: This is a bit of tedious work, but I enjoy reading through data. The bounty might not reflect the time I will spend on it.

Eric's Opinion: This will increase the historical accuracy of the maps somewhat. This can be a time-consuming bounty, but to be honest, I need to go through much of my data references again anyway for AeroMogul, so it should be fresh on my mind for the next year or two.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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