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[$500] #103 | Stock Manipulation Prevention
Price: $600

Description: To prevent stock manipulation, the player will not be able to buy and sell the same stock on the same turn.

If a player buys many shares one turn and sells many more shares the following turn, or the opposite, the game will have a random chance of charging the player with market manipulation. (Some adjustments in #102 may prevent the exploit this is trying to fix.)

Finally, this bounty implements restricted shares. IE, shares you're not able to trade for some time. Spun off companies and shares purchased directly from a company's issuance will be restricted for at least a year.

Requirements: None

Required By: #102

Concerns: The hope is to reimplement some more realistic behavior in the stock market and prevent exploitive behaviors of the system.

Eric's Opinion: If we want to bring back the public owning shares, being able to buy as many shares as you want (folks willing to sell at super high prices, etc.) Then this is the bounty we need to fund to get it.

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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