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[$500] #98 | MY Improvement To Designs
Price: $500

Description: In real life, manufacturers make minor incremental improvements to vehicle designs every model year. (For bigger problems, they'll make improvements during the model year!) These changes are not large enough to constitute a new generation of design, and the vehicle still shares 99.9% of its components with other units of the same generation. But sometimes, they're big enough improvements to make a noticeable change to the vehicle.

This bounty will add a chance of minor ratings or spec bonus each model year of a design, based on the amount of Research team funding you're spending on vehicle design.

(If the community funds the individual sub-components researching bounty, we'll likely make these MY improvements their own entry.)

Only a few ratings will be eligible for the bonus. Most bonuses will go to the dependability rating because that is the most common focus of intra-generational improvements.

We'll also throw in a memo at the start of the year for the vehicles that get the bonus.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Some players will want to specify what improvements they want to make and on what vehicle. This bounty doesn't give the player that much control.

Some players might not like it's mainly focused on dependability ratings.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty gives the player more reasons to fund vehicle research teams. It also happens in real life. Both of those are good reasons to add it to the game.

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