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[$600] #86 | Remove Year Based Size Limits | Requires: #68
Price: $600

Description: The game reduces the bore and stroke based on the year, and it tweaks the chassis sizes too. This bounty removes the year-based size restrictions. So the player will be able to build massive bore and stroke engines in the later game years.

This bounty will require emissions standards, displacement taxes, and fleet fuel requirement bounties to limit the player's ability to produce insanely large engines later in the game.

Requirements: #68

Required By: None

Concerns: We'll need balancing to avoid players sticking 25L I4's into 20 Footlong cars in 2020. I think the regulation systems will prevent most of these issues, but players always find exploits. 

Eric's Opinion: This only makes sense. If we have realistic ways to force players to use smaller engines in their cars, then we should open the designer back up to being able to design anything.

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