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[$300] #83 | Increase Factory Size Limits
Price: $300

Description: This bounty increases the maximum number of production lines you can have in a single factory. (Using the classic production style system.)

We'll have three radio buttons to toggle between a small, medium, or large factory. These buttons will adjust the maximum and minimum range for the production line slider.

We'll also make some pricing adjustments for smaller factories to make them more affordable for boutique manufacturers.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Balancing costs and production lines will require some work. Also, this adds more options to the factory building screen that could confuse some players.

Eric's Opinion: I believe this is a better bounty than the multiple factories in a city that #82 presents. Ultimately, I would like to do a factory/production revision, but the Classic Production system will always be in the game. So I think this is the better solution to the limited production line problem and a few costs issues associated with factories.

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