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[$800] #82 | Multiple Factories in One City
Price: $800

Description: The Classic Factory system found in Classic GearCity only allows you to build a single factory in a city. This bounty will allow you to build more than one factory in a city.

The new factory will stack on top of the old factory. We'll add together the production lines and average its ratings weighted against the number of production lines. There will also be an exponential cost increase the more factories you build in a city.

We will need to do additional work to the database, possibly adding another table, to store the individual factories, so you are allowed to close individual factories within a single city. The current factory table will show the total production for the city.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: This bounty will complicate the internal systems in the game. It will probably be more work than it's worth.

Players will have more lists to go through, which will confuse them when they close a factory. Likewise, since we'll be averaging the factories together for calculations, there could be some complaints when players make a fantastic factory and a crummy factory in the same city.

Eric's Opinion: I'm not a fan of this bounty. I believe #83 is a better solution to the issue rather than allowing you to build multiple factories for vehicle production.

Likewise, I believe the factory revision would render this bounty mooter. But if you all want it, I'll do it.

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