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[$300] #66 | Cylinder Bank Angles | Requires: #67
Price: $300

Description: Classic GearCity doesn't have a good mechanism for determining the width of an engine. This is because each engine layout has a defined width variable. But in reality, multi-banked engine layouts' width is often determined by the angle of their cylinder banks. For example, a 60-degree V8 is wider than a 45-degree V8.

This bounty will allow players to adjust the cylinder bank angle of their two-banked engine designs. Selections of layouts will preselect the cylinder bank angle. For example, flat engines are 180 degrees. If you increase a V engine to 180 degrees, it becomes a flat engine.

We will add additional layout variables for each "step" in-between narrow engines (like a VR) and the other end of the spectrum, a flat engine. (Likely, we will use the existing Engine Layout System, as you increase the angle past the minimum for that engine, it automatically select that layout.)

Engine designs with one or more than 2 banks will not have cylinder angles settings available.

This bounty adds additional engine layouts to the game, such as VR6, 60-Degree V, 90-Degree V, etc. Most of these layouts will only appear as "V" in the game, and the cylinder angle will determine which layout is selected internally.

Requirements: #67

Required By: None

Concerns: The small details between bank degrees are likely not to be implemented in the game. While adjusting bank angles will have a big impact on some specs and ratings, most ratings mainly are affected by the internally selected engine layout.

The number of cylinders determines the smoothest angle for an engine. For example, V6 is 60 degrees, V8 is 90, and V10 is 72. (720/#Cylinders) Players might find this confusing.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty fixes some of the sizing issues with vehicle engines. There are some added benefits to the smoothness ratings. It'll also be great for allowing players to choose between engine smoothness and size packaging. I have discounted this bounty in the hopes that it gets funded.

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