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[$100] #51 | Alter Duplicate Name Checker | Requires: #49
Price: $100

Description: With the Move to ID System bounty, the game will support vehicles and designs having the same name. This bounty will remove the current duplicate name check against other companies' designs.

The check will only occur against your own active designs to avoid possible confusion, and we will check against active AI companies. Any bankrupt AI names are available for use.

If an AI company used a name in the past, but that company went bankrupt, you may use it. If the AI company is still in business, you will not be able to use that name because it is their trademark.

Requirements: #49

Required By:

Concerns: Depending on how well #49 went, additional bugs might work their way into the game with this change. We should be able to work them out.

Eric's Opinion: This feature isn't requested so often outside of player error. Although later in the game, the game can start running out of names. This is especially true when players self-design 10s of thousands of vehicle designs using random names. Yes, I have seen it before.

In real life, trademark laws wouldn't allow you to reuse a name unless the company is dead and gone for a long time and no one has renewed the IP.
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