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[$250] #41 | Munitions Control System
Price: $250

Description: This system will allow you to convert a factory to munitions productions any time during a war. The spinup process takes 3 months. Likewise, you can convert a factory off munitions production. Once again, this process takes 3 months.

This bounty also alters the munition production action memos.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Where to place the system in the UI and how to notify players of the conversion process. I believe we can do the former in the Factory View Details panel in the world map. We can shoehorn the latter into the side panel. We can also display it in the factory windows like when factories construction information.

Eric's Opinion: This is an often requested feature, which should be added to the game. It also gives us spin-up and spin-down times to make it more realistic. I have discounted this item in hopes that it gets funded.

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