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[$350] #38 | Company Profile Reports
Price: $350

Description: The game will generate a report for each company that shows company information. This information includes the company logo, company name, headquarters, factory locations, branch locations, sales information, estimations on revenues/expenses for private companies, and actual sales/expense data for public companies.

We will generate these reports yearly when the company directory updates. We will link them via the Company Directory. And they might be placed in other locations throughout the game.

This system piggybacks on the stock reports system, except they're generated yearly for all companies instead of dynamically for the stock reports. Also, they will contain fiscal year data instead of quarterlies found in stock reports.

If this report is too slow on end turn, we can make it a dynamically generated report in the showroom marque catalog.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: Extracting company logos from .dds to .png to be used in the reports is a pain. That feature might have to be removed, and I will refund a portion of the bounty.

These reports will increase the time to process end turns and will slow down the game when we generate them. This is the reason stock reports are dynamic reports. And why they are not updated for all companies automatically. If the process times are too bad, we can move the reports to the showroom. We would then generate them as a dynamic report in the marque catalog system.

Private companies do not share their revenues and expenses. Some players might be confused why the data isn't shared accurately in the reports.

Eric's Opinion: I don't think this is information players need to play the game, but information about private companies is often requested, so this is the best way to bridge the information gap for private companies. The downside, it will take time to process all the data requested in these reports. That's why it isn't in the game as a report in the first place. If this report is too slow on end turn, we can make it a dynamically generated report in the showroom marque catalog.

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