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[$150] #32 | Custom Hotkey Mapping
Price: $150

Description: Players will be able to customize the key configurations for the existing hotkeys in the game. The settings will be accessible via the Main Menu and the external settings tool.

Requirements: None

Required By: #202, #203

Concerns: None

Eric's Opinion: The main issue people have with the current hotkey setup is with the "End" key. You see, it was originally F12, which makes perfect sense. You have meta hotkeys going from F1 to F12 and then micro hotkeys for Ctrl/Alt 0-9. But nope, Valve hogs the F12 key for their screenshot tool. Why don't they use Print Screen or something more logical? Not sure. Anyway, I needed a place to move the End Turn key. So I picked "End." I probably should have picked tide(`) but End it was. Anyway, some people use the End key for its purpose. The game currently prevents end turn from triggering if the last GUI widget clicked was a textbox, but if the player clicks anywhere else in the game, hitting the end key ends the turn. And that pisses some people off. The only solution right now is to turn off hotkeys all together. This ticket fixes that problem by allowing players to customize the hotkeys they want to use. I have discounted this ticket since it is a major issue for some players.

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