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[$2000] #21 | Component Production and Inventory | Requires #19, #20
Price: $2000

Description: Currently, the player does not have to manage the production of components used in normal vehicle production. This is unrealistic and causes expenses to be much less than they should be. This bounty will require the player to produce the components required for their vehicles. They will need store component inventory and deal with any shortages.

Additionally, you will need to tool factories to produce specific components families, similar to the Complete Factory and Production Redesign that this system is built on.

The system will bring component shipping costs to the game as you transport components from factory to factory. These will be much more discounted compared to finished automobiles. We can remove much of the component manufacturing systems/GUI required for contracts since you will produce components like regular vehicles.

The old system will be an optional setting. And if the Complete Factory and Production Redesign system is disabled, the game will revert to the old system.

Requirements: #19, #20

Required By: #23

Concerns: This is a complex feature built on top of another complex bounty. Most of the complexity will stem from keeping both systems in the game. Much of the work to separate them can be done with the Complete Factory and Production Redesign ticket, but there is still room for error and bugs.

This feature increases micromanagement but is offset by the decrease in vehicle production micromanagement. The item also significantly increases the forward planning the player will have to do. I am not sure people will enjoy that or if they'll feel that they have enough tools to do that. And if those tools will provide good enough estimations that won't piss off players who demand optimization.

There is also a risk that the reports will become too cumbersome for players who like to design and produce hundreds of vehicles at a time. Players that manage 100+ Vehicle models could, as a result, have hundreds of more components to manage.

Finally, unless performance improvements from the Complete Factory and Production Redesign bounty are significant enough, this bounty could cause longer turn times.

Eric's Opinion: This feature is often requested. It adds more realism and expenses to the game, both of which I favor. I did not add this in the past because of micromanagement. The Complete Factory and Production Redesign bounty would reduce that micromanagement in my estimation. But this will still be a net increase to micromanagement. Most of the concerns still bother me. But as an optional feature, if the players don't like it, they don't have to use it.

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