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[$250] #16 | Non-Vehicle Subcomponent Restriction
Price: $250

Description: This item will allow us to define a subcomponent as not for normal vehicle use. When a player designs a design using these components, the game will warn them. The component selection list will hide these components if they're not compatible with what they're making.

For example, certain chassis components might only be usable with tanks and APCs vehicle types. Or Turboprop engines won't be listed when the player goes to make a sedan.

This item requires changes to xml files, mod tools, and AI subcomponent selection.

Requirements: None

Required By: #42, #43

Concerns: Not showing the designs in the component selection list might cause some confusion for users. We have some additional tickets that might help with that issue.

Eric's Opinion: We'll need this ticket once we start implementing things like tanks and other vehicle types that have specific components not used in normal vehicles.

Links: None
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