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[$1000] #13 | Semi-Historical Mode
Price: $1000

Description: This game mode will use pre-scripted events, but the dates will be offset by a random amount defined in the event entry in the turn events file.

Requirements: None

Required By: None

Concerns: This system will require the Turns Events XML reader to read ahead and store events, likely in the save game/database. This will increase the save game file size for players playing on Semi-Historical mode.

Some newspaper articles mention dates. The game will not change the dates in these articles. This might cause confusion or complaint by the users that read the newspaper.

Eric's Opinion: Originally I intended to implement this feature in GearCity Classic but did not because of the XML read ahead requirement. I believe we can store the events and their results in the database. This is a lot of additional work that will likely only be used by this system. However, there is a chance that the database changes could be helpful if external scripting is implemented. I will also have to add additional functionality to the mod tools and four new variables to the turn events system. An ID, Min/Max random turn difference, and an ID link to an event that can not happen after it (for example, the end of a war can't come before the start of the war).

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