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[$100] #11 | Standardize and Colorize Apply/Edit/Save Buttons
Price: $100

Description: Most of the color pallet in the game is dark/reddish brown. This lack of color makes it difficult for some users to see obvious buttons that they need to interact with. Making the Apply buttons larger doesn't seem to get some players' attention. Therefore, we should add color to the "Apply/Save/Edit" buttons. The color will cause them to stick out more.

According to some users, the different wordings on the "Apply, Save, Edit, Yes, Confirm, etc." buttons are confusing. We need to standardize the text on all of these buttons. We also need to do the same to cancel/deny style buttons. Since we have to touch every Apply button for the colorization ticket, this would be a good time to address this issue.

Requirements: None

Required By: #12

Concerns: Finding a color that works with reddish-brown but doesn't pop out too much is a pain. Any color choice we make will have its detractors.

Eric's Opinion: This item might help new and old players remember to click the Apply buttons when they make changes. It also might help get a more robust color pallet to work with in the future.

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