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[Postponed] #2 | Vehicle Body Designer Mk2
Price: $2000 (10-20 Days)

Description: Complete revision of the vehicle body design system to take advantage of new vehicle graphics funded by the Feature Bounty system. The new body design system will use an additional XML file for each vehicle model. The XML file will contain information about each model's morph animations, translatable names, animation icons, default animation slider positions, what GUI widgets to use, a Hierarchies.

Many accessories that required manual placement in the past are now modeled directly into the vehicle body. This allows better integration of these models and will provide more detail. There is some loss of position customization, but quality overall should improve. We will still allow click placement of some accessory models, however.

With default slider positions, we can make somebody animations simple checkboxes or radio buttons between different animation positions.

The system also incorporates automatic accessory placement for items such as tires. These mount points will also link to the chassis wheelbase and track dimensions. 

The AI will also make use of this system since a single body artwork will have everything needed to make a vehicle. The AI will design an entirely random vehicle body instead of relying on a limited selection of premade vehicle designs. And those designs should be somewhat coherent.

Finally, both the old vehicle body design and the new vehicle body designer will work side by side. The game will select which body designer to use when the player selects a body from the vehicle body list.

See attached file for current body art guidelines.

Requirements: None

Required By: Required by all new vehicle artwork.

Concerns: None

Eric's Opinion: I will periodically self-fund bounties when we have good sales months. I am self-funding this bounty for the first milestone because all vehicle artwork bounties require it.

Links: None

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.txt   BodyDesign_Mk2_v1.0.txt (Size: 11.71 KB / Downloads: 113)
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