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Full Version: [$1000] #280 | Game Controller Support | Requires: #151
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Price: $1000

Description: With the input system using SDL, we can take advantage of SDL's gamepad code to bring controller support to GearCity.

The game is not well designed for controllers, but luckily, many parts of the game do support tabbing through text boxes. We can extend that code to have the game cursor move through buttons.

I should also already have the code for moving the mouse via the joysticks, as there was a period I developed and tested GearCity without a mouse, using number pads as a cursor.

Requirements: #151

Required By: None

Concerns: This bounty might end up more work than it's worth. I would have to reorder many GUI items in the game so that using the dpad snaps the cursor to the proper places on the GUI. I would also have to figure out how to do horizontal movements with the existing UI code. (Note to self, make a map of each widget and then assign dpad position of its peers.)

Eric's Opinion: As controllers and portable PC devices become more popular, adding controller support to the game would be wise. Plus, who wouldn't want to chill on a sofa and play GearCity without requiring a keyboard or mouse?

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