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Full Version: [$1000] #276 | Linux ARM Port | Requires: #148
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Price: $1000

Description: This bounty ports GearCity to AArch64 and possibly Armv7 architectures for the Linux operating system.

OpenGL should work on these platforms, but we'll also give porting OpenGLES a go with this bounty.

I currently have a Pinebook Pro to do this port. However, I will use some of the funds to purchase several SBCs to test the game out and get it running.

Requirements: #148

Required By: None

Concerns: If I can't get the OpenGLES renderer to work, it will reduce the number of ARM platforms the game will work on.

3D capabilities of most ARM systems are greatly lacking. The game might not run on the SBCs I can afford. In which case, I go over budget getting something with a PCI slot that I can put a video card in.

Eric's Opinion: ARM is slowly becoming a thing in the world. This bounty would be our first step into getting GearCity to work natively on ARM.

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