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Full Version: [$500] #267 | Touch Screen Support | Requires #151
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Price: $500

Description: GearCity's engine predates the iPad. And that was certainly before touch screens took off in anything but cellphones and PDAs.

Since in bounty #151, we would replace the existing input system with SDL, we can consider using SDL::Touch for touch support.

This bounty would add a virtual keyboard, improve the game on Steam Deck and other mobile PC gamepads, and make it easier to play on non-mobile OS tablets. (Windows and Linux, not iOS or Android.)

I only have a single touch device, an old x86 tablet running Mageia Linux. So the bulk of the bounty cost would go to buying me a touch screen monitor.

Requirements: #151

Required By: None

Concerns: Finding a good way to display a virtual keyboard will be difficult. Probably a floating keyboard.

QuickGUI might not interact well with touch events. I assume we can simulate mouse events like click, but we'll see.

This bounty might cost me more time than what I am charging, especially considering the bulk of the funds will go to buying a touch screen monitor. (Which I have no use for outside of developing the game. I have a mild case of zombie fingers)

Eric's Opinion: More and more touch screen devices are coming out that are capable of playing GC. The Steam Deck, several Intel and AMD gamepads, Microsoft Surface, and some laptops. If the community funds other bounties, like ARM support, the list of touch devices will grow. So if the game remains in long-term active feature development, this will have to be implemented at some time.

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