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Full Version: [$500] #62 | Diplomatic Relations | Requires: #61
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Price: $500

Description: With the nation variable system, we'll be able to create a diplomatic relations table for the countries in the game. Countries will have both diplomatic and economic relations with each other.

In random history mode, these relations variables will determine who goes to war with each other.

In normal gameplay modes, the relationships will affect who you can trade with during times of war. What kind of contracts bids you can submit. If historical information is not available, it will also determine tariff rates.

This bounty will serve as a basis for other items that will restrict where you can build branches and factories and many more things.

Requirements: #61

Required By: #155, #156

Concerns: There is a lot of historical political information to reference, which would take some time. The game might be historically accurate, especially concerning tariffs, but it would be a more realistic economic simulation.

There is a concern about having too much data in the game. How do we give that data to the player? In this case, the world map is the best way to show relations, but how do we tell people they can't build a factory in the Soviet Union as an American company?

Eric's Opinion: Lack of diplomatic relations causes a few unrealistic situations in the game. For example, Soviet car companies selling vehicles in the West. Allies nation not supplying each other during major wars, etc. This bounty fixes many of these issues, and the few ahistorical issues it's likely to cause are much smaller in comparison.