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[$600] #156 | Advanced Tariffs | Requires: #62
Price: $600

Description: This bounty adds an advanced tariff system based on the vehicle type and diplomatic relations. It will also place tariffs on outsourced components. We will try to use historical data where possible, but were not, the game will generate advanced tariffs based on diplomatic relations, government type, and trade imbalances.

Requirements: #62

Required By: None

Concerns: Displaying the information to the player will be difficult and probably will require much more GUI. Likely we'll have a dynamically generated report that lists all tariffs.

Finding historical information for all nations will be hard.

Eric's Opinion: This bounty, while it adds a bit more realism to the game, might have too many moving parts for the player. Not only does each nation have different tariff rates, but with this bounty, they'll have different rates for each vehicle type.

I'm OK with adding it. But we do want this much micromanagement?

Links: It doesn't happen unless you contribute!
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